Our Fees


Initial consultation + Acupuncture £99
Follow up Consultation (up to 20 mins) £80
Telephone or Online consultation (up to 20 mins) £68


Gynecology & Fertility (Male / Female)  
Initial consultation + Acupuncture (per person) £188
Follow up Consultation (up to 20 mins) £80
Telephone or Online consultation (up to 20 mins) £98


Follow up Acupuncture (Per Session) £98
Course Acupuncture (Per Session) £58 - £88
Initial Facial Acupuncture with consultation £188
Follow up Facial Acupuncture (up to 40 mins) £128


Cupping £28
Diet and Lifestyle Advice £50
Dry Herbal Prescription (per sachet) From £11
D.H.P. Capsules From £15
Prescription / Medical Certificate / Blood Test Result £30




Initial consultation + Acupuncture £320
Follow up consultation £250


Gynecology & Fertility (Male / Female)  
Initial consultation + Acupuncture £380
Follow up consultation £300


Acupuncture and Others  
Acupuncture (Per Session) £320
Course Acupuncture (Per Session) From £220
Facial Acupuncture (up to 40 mins) £450

We can also arrange treatment for international patients, whether through an Embassy or direct from the country of residence. 

Payment - in order to secure your appointments, all bookings must be paid in advance.

General initial consultation up to 60 mins and include an acupuncture session.

For initial Gynecology & fertility consultation up to 90 mins and include an acupuncture session.

Each follow up acupuncture session is up to 40 mins.

Each Follow up consulation is up to 20 mins.

A fee will be charged for any late, rescheduled, missed appointments or cancellation without 24 hours notice.

Patients come to Doctor LUI Clinic from around the world for specialized medical care, inorder to ensure consistency in bookings, all appointments have an allocated time slot. Late arrivals will therefore have a reduced treatment time (All treatments will end as scheduled to avoid delay for the next guest.) and the treatment fee will remain unchanged.

We will make every effort to see you as close to your appointment, some consultations take longer than planning and this may delay your appointment which means we can not guarantee that you will always be seen exactly on time However, you should still aim to arrive on time so that your appointment is not canceled. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Discussing illness progress during follow-up acupuncture may put off the next patient's appointment. For a detailed and undisrupted consultation, please contact our receptionist to book a follow-up consultation.

Out of hours treatment (Embryo Transfer) will be double-charged. This includes Sunday, plus bank holidays. This is a service we can only provide to our existing patients.

The price of acupuncture course ranges from £48 to £78, it would be quoted during the initial consultation.

Home visits within a 15 mile radius of the practice.

Home visits on Sunday will be charged double of the regular ptice.

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Acupuncture Fees